Herringbone hardwood flooring installation

Wood Flooring Installation

We design and install wood flooring in a variety of styles such as herringbone, parquet and chevron floor patterns. We pride ourself on transforming plain, everyday hardwood flooring into a work of art. Dreaming of a simple border in similar or contrasting wood species? Creating a focal point made from carefully fabricated wood patterns? We are highly experience and ready to bring your unique design to life. You can trust the professionals of Solid Hardwood Flooring to get the job done right.

Hardwood floor refinishing with Lagler hummel

Hardwood Floor Refinishising

Have your kids or pets left your floors scratched, dented and stained? Or have you purchased a home with hardwood floors that have seen better days? The professional staff at Solid Hardwood Flooring always ensure that every project is completed correctly and without the hassle traditionally associated with hardwood floor refinishing. Let our professional staff guide you through the hundreds of color and finish combinations we offer to achieve the exact look you desire.

Red oak hardwood flooring repair

Solid Hardwood Floor Repairs

Repairing hardwood floors both old and new can be a challenging and labor intensive task. You can rest assured that one of our trusted staff members will guide you from start to finish on every project. Whether you’re building new construction or remodeling damaged or uncovered old floors, we have the necessary skills and years of experience to get the job done properly. Are you moving walls or cabinets or have water damaged floors? We will tackle any hardwood floor repairs you need! Our work is done so seamlessly and with such high quality craftsmanship that you’ll never even know there was a problem to begin with.

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